Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sexy NHL Hockey Dress

Sexy NHL Hockey Dress

The Little Black Jersey Co. based in Hamilton, Ontario is now offering a collection of sexy NHL hockey jersey dresses. A collection of art of madness and brilliance.

All items are hand-crafted using only Licensed materials by a 26-year-old PhD student, Lisa Munsie who goes by the name Jerseymods on her website: www.etsy.com/shop/jerseymods.

“I love hockey and I just didn’t feel there were enough form-fitting clothes for female fans in team colours, so I got out my sewing machine one day and started making Maple Leafs clothing for myself,” said Lise Munsie, the creative force behind the line of hockey dresses. “Eventually I got the nerve to make a dress out of an oversized jersey and that’s where it all started.

“I’ve worn them to games, team functions and the sports bar and got mostly good reactions. I have lot of women asking where they can get one or if I can make one for them. The odd person thinks it’s sacrilegious to cut up an NHL jersey, but I haven’t ruined one yet.”

She’s booked through February making dresses for hockey fans across the league — although that’s a little deceiving. She’s a one woman operation and her day job is a student at McMaster University, where she’s working on a PhD in biomedical science.

“Partly it was a way to maintain my sanity,” said Munsie, whose handiwork was first profiled on the hockey blog Third String Goalie. “Mostly I’m just having fun with it. I really do like what I’m doing at school, it’s kind of what I want to do as a career, but I’d like to keep this as a home business. I’m averaging a couple of jerseys a week and I can’t see myself doing more with everything else going on in my life.”

The NHL is keenly aware the people that make most of the household consumer decision want designs of their own and as a result has been expanding its clothing line for women and girls for years. And we’re not just talking about jerseys available in pink and powder blue.