Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hockey Lockout Not Over Yet

With the NHL bleeding $20 million (all figures U.S.) a day, it is the collapsing business backdrop that may well have led to the urgency behind talks in New York aimed at ending the lockout.
Both sides remained tight-lipped about what was exchanged — both were mulling over ideas presented by the other — as the optimism of Tuesday turned into a hard slog on Wednesday.
And the hockey world waited for the season to be saved.
“I’m trying to stay even-keeled until the deal is signed, sealed and delivered,” Maple Leafs forward James van Riemsdyk told the Star.
If Tuesday was about ideas and hope, Wednesday was about trying to put ideas onto paper and hope into action.
Players met directly with owners for the second straight day and frequently recessed as both sides met with their leaders — Donald Fehr and Gary Bettman — who were not allowed inside the negotiating room.